tulip speculation

Yesterday afternoon I arrived in Amsterdam, and to conquer jet lag, my sister and I headed straight from the airport to the tulip fields of Holland. The site of the rainbow fields is like nothing I’ve ever seen (and will ever see anywhere else). We rented bicycles and explored the fields in true Dutch style. Along the way we spotted majestic blue herons, unexpected head winds, charming thatch-roofed homes, and, of course, fields of colors that tilted and blinked like kaleidoscopes as we rode past.

The Keukenhof tulip gardens were also an impressive site in their own right. With heavy winds and morning rain, the crowds were thin but the tulips were aplenty. Last year, the tulips peaked in April, so I was grateful to soak up a true prize of Holland in May!

Tot ziens!


p.s. Did you know: the speculation of the tulip market in in the 1630s led to the first recorded economic bubble? People were paying serious money to get their hands on a tulip…

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