there is something about a place

there is something about a place

to gather

(maybe only with books and unused sugar packets)

windows open to spring breezes

or closed to icy chills

but always a coffee

(maybe a tea)

and silence for study

or the hiss of steam and clamor of old friends found

(maybe also a gasp when Elizabeth realizes Darcy’s truth)

from cities of steel

to snow

to harbours

to canals

there is (always) something about a place

for coffee

(maybe tea)

Cafe in the Netherlands #100daysoMiaPrima Amsterdam #100daysofMiaPrima 's-Hertogenbosch Den Bosch, The Netherlands #100daysofMiaPrima Newburyport, MA Plum Island Coffee #100daysofmiaprima D Squared Java Exeter, NH #100DaysofMiaPrima #100DaysofMiaPrima amsterdam hollandthese streets: image of Pittsburgh #miaprimacasaOde to Coffee Shops #100DaysofMiaPrima Ode to Coffee Shops #100DaysofMiaPrimaOde to Coffee Shops #100DaysofMiaPrima

Tot ziens!


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Adventures in Pittsburgh: 61C Cafe

Since I’m new to Pittsburgh (8 days to be exact), I’m taking the opportunity to get to know the city one adventure at a time. In other words, every week, I’ll try something new in the city and highlight it for you all here.

Squirrel Hill Pgh

I believe that generally I can fall in love with any city…as long as it has a good selection of great local coffee shops! So to start my adventures, I chose the 61C Cafe of Squirrel Hill located at 1839 Murray Ave.

61c Cage Pgh

Honestly, I didn’t even get a coffee from the cafe because I was so intrigued by their selection of fresh juices. And the juice really is fresh! I saw them make my pear juice right then and there, and the bagel I got with it was equally delicious. 61C Cafe is a great deal as you might expect by the name (I didn’t pay less than a dollar for my meal, but I’d say $5 is still a pretty good price!). My only caveat is that the cafe only takes cash. Thankfully, a local helped me out on that issue: just walk down a block, buy a banana from Giant Eagle, and get cash back. So a banana, pear juice, and bagel it was for me!

61c Cafe Inside Pgh

Check them out online here and be sure to stop by when you’re in Pittsburgh!



p.s. Have a suggestion for what I should do next in Pittsburgh? Post it below!