the cats of dubrovnik

These cuties are everywhere, and I’m happy to say most look healthy, clean, and social. It’s clear that locals in the Croatian sea town of Dubrovnik care for the little stray cats that roam the cobblestones. Many of the cats are happy to approach people or simple lounge besides them– food prospects or no. 
Dubrovnik Cats #100DaysofMiaPrima Dubrovnik Cats #100DaysofMiaPrima 1 Dubrovnik Cats #100DaysofMiaPrima 2 Dubrovnik Cats #100DaysofMiaPrima 3 Dubrovnik Cats #100DaysofMiaPrima 4 Dubrovnik Cats #100DaysofMiaPrima 5 Dubrovnik Cats #100DaysofMiaPrima 6 Dubrovnik Cats #100DaysofMiaPrima 7Dubrovnik, Croatia Cat #100DaysofMiaprimaDubrovnik Cats #100DaysofMiaPrimaDubrovnik, Croatia Cat #100DaysofMiaprima

Vidimo se uskoro!


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